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As I was looking over photos from this past year, I realized I never took the opportunity to write about one of my favorite events.
On November 4th, Orphan Sunday, we came together with friends to host a Sole Hope shoe cutting party. And it was seriously amazing.
Our church is home to a missional community called Journey Together, whom we partnered with for this event. Their vision statement says it all:


We felt that Sole Hope would provide our community a wonderful opportunity to serve.
Sole Hope aims to provide close toed shoes and sustainable employment to vulnerable areas in Africa.
I’m not usually one to shy away from words, but in this case I feel that watching Sole Hope’s videos will be the best way to share their reason and mission.
I will warn you that these videos may wreck your insides a bit. But that’s okay sometimes.

//Why Close Toed Shoes//

//How Sole Hope Helps//

After seeing those videos, we knew we had to get involved. Sole Hope makes it so easy for ordinary people like you and me to make a difference with their shoe cutting parties.
Friends and families gather together to trace, cut and assemble bundles of shoe making materials to be sent to shoe makers in Africa. It’s simple, easy and fun. Our group loved getting together to serve in a tangible way and loved seeing the difference we were making in one evening.





We chose to have a special table for our littlest volunteers as shoe cutting requires precision. We wanted our youngest servant hearts to have something to do to contribute and feel as though they were part of the evening. At our children’s table we placed art supplies and encouraged our little ones to make cards to be given to children along with shoes.




I know that we will be participating in a shoe cutting party again. It was such a sweet evening of service. Sole Hope’s vision of equipping ordinary individuals with a tangible opportunity to serve struck a chord in me. Our family loved learning and serving.


We’ve talked about doing a girl’s night in the future and cutting shoes while we chat and snack. I’ve heard of people having shoe cutting parties for birthdays. I think a family service project night would be great too.
Whether you choose to rally your whole community or closest friends, you will be making a difference. And you won’t regret it.

xo Hillary










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  1. joanna

    What a memorable day-love your passionate, radical, Jesus-lovin heart. Love standing firm behind a cause with you, sweet friend. Can’t wait to do it again. xo


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