Parenting with Scripture- Pray It Over Them!


I admire people that can pray out loud with eloquence… I’m kind of terrible at it. I just can’t get past that it feels like public speaking, which makes me break out in hives, and I mean that literally. True story…once when I was speaking to a group of students, they stopped me because they were curious about the disgusting red splotches erupting on my face and neck.

As you can imagine, I appreciate any help I can get when it comes to praying out loud, which I value highly when it comes to my children. I found this prayer guide from a website that emails weekly family devotion ideas.

There are 31 verses, made into prayers for children. I printed and laminated two copies for each child’s bedroom. Before naps and bedtime, I choose a verse to pray over them. Easy, sweet and scripturally based. My hope is that they would learn to pray using God’s promises as I stumble through this guide.

Nap and bedtime usually follow the same rhythm, especially if I am flying solo. Once pajammies are on, Brooks lays on Emme’s floor while I sit with her in the rocker and sing and pray over her. Using her copy of the prayer book, I choose a verse for the day. Brooks listens in and usually says, “Make sure you pray that exact prayer for me when it’s my turn!”. I try my best! Yes, I suppose I could pray for them together, but I think it’s nice for them to get separate prayers.

Speaking of prayers…our family has a prayer jar. I’d been wanting to make a “prayer pail” after I saw them on Pinterest, but couldn’t seem to get a super cute pail, tongue depressors, etc… together. One day I just cut up some scrapbook paper I had laying around, threw them in a mason jar that used to hold spaghetti sauce and tied this quote around the top, “History Belongs to the Intercessors”. It’s from The Life You’ve Always Wanted, by John Ortberg. At meals, either just Brooks, or sometimes all of us, draw from the jar various requests that we pray through. Easy peasy.

Hope that you can use these ideas to pray over your babes!

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  1. Shon

    Hey girl!! I miss seeing you! This is a sweet post, thank you for the reminders!! I also wanted your email address? I miss seeing you high steppin’ round’ the track!! Thank you for the sweet comments the other week!!

  2. Jenni

    I like those scriptures to pray over! We may have to incorporate that into our family devotionals :) Do you mind forwarding the link for those? (I love my laminator and love to have another reason to use it!!) It’s also wise that you keep them where you can actually pray – I have this prayer guide for each day of the week on the fridge – if you know me in a kitchen, my prayers are more like “God, please make this edible!” I need to move the one I have to where we all actually pray prayers for character things rather than mere survival! Ha! Please do another Cupcakes for Kids – I want to be able to help, but I know with this week getting ready for yard sale/soap sale/lemonade sale, I can’t! Our pastor and oldest 3 kids are going to Uganda this summer through Lifeline :) The 3rd oldest, our sitter, heard them talk about it at the Lifeline/JTM meeting the other night and signed them up :) I know your love for the people of Uganda – thought you would like that :)

    • Hillary Gardner

      Ok, I linked the picture, so if you click on it, it will go to site. It’s from D6! Want to hear more about that Uganda trip!

  3. Melissa Gaddy

    Thanks for sharing this great link! Much love to you and your family

  4. Joanna

    Once again, sweet friend…an inspiring post. I am making a prayer jar tomorrow- for once and for all! Haha…I’ve been lookin at yours for weeks now! And what a great idea
    to keep the verses in their rooms to pray over them before they dream…love that sweet addition to the nighttime ritual. I simply adore the nighttime rituals with the girls..the most tender moments…
    wish I could bottle them up! Thanks again love! I will certainly be over with some lamination paper. ha!


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