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I’m back in the game! At least for now…I can’t say I have a good feeling I’ll be posting again regularly anytime soon. But it’s for good reason. I figure the best way to play catch up in this space of thoughts, feelings and memories is a pictorial catch up to document all the awesome.

We’re now a family of 6. We were placed with a sweet, tiny little girl. When DSS called to see if we would receive another placement, we hadn’t anticipated growing our brood, but felt we were called to step up for this precious girl. She’s a month younger than our other baby boy, much smaller, but with a considerable amount of added spunk.


Camped out by the front door, waiting for our new baby to be dropped off. This boy’s servant heartedness has blown me away. He’s never complained, is so attentive and gives so generously. I’m so thankful for the model of living foster care has allowed for our kids to experience as they grow. You can talk about concepts all day long, but there’s nothing like living them out as you go.


It has been nothing but a blessing that we’ve somehow been able to take on surprise twins and really not feel like we’ve changed our lifestyle too radically. I’ve valued keeping “the norm” (which, really around this house is anything but normal…) for the older kids. For us this means homeschooling, lots of fun trips and going where the fun leads. If we’ve learned anything this year homeschooling wise is that it’s kinda awesome how it just fits our lifestyle. It feels harder to me to get Emme to school on time one day a week (and I often am not even the one to drive her) than it is to learn together as a family throughout the day.


And we’re growing lots of little minds over here. In addition to one kindergartener learning to read and write, we have a budding preschooler set on learning her colors. We’ve got one 8 month old working on catching up a bit development wise (we’ve got 3 therapists a week coming in!) and one determined 7 month old who is almost crawling!


One day I woke up and realized he was getting really crazy grown up. It’s ridiculous and totally bogus and I don’t like it. But it is really fun. He’s always seen himself as more my friend and one of the adults….now I’m starting to agree with him! Just a little. He loves all things rock and roll and has been making amazing progress with his guitar lessons. He’s thisclose to rocking his first solo.


My little chickadee is really into friends these days. Thankfully she’s got some great ones. I love to see her laughing and playing and forming little friendships. She’s also loving having babies in the house. I’ll catch her singing to one, then turning and reading to another. Then she pulls out all of her baby dolls and has one big, blissed out baby fest. For convenience sake, she refers to our first foster placement as “baby” and our most recent placement as “more baby”. I’m down with that.


“Baby” and “More Baby” at the beach for the first time! Sometimes it takes my breath away that we have the privilege of this time with the babies. Yes, it did take a stroller, a front pack, a cart and a basket to get through the grocery cart, but I have to say it…four kids is flat out fun. There’s something about a baby for each arm that just brings some joy to the soul. I love nothing more than the little moments, holding them and reading to the big kids. Or having them sit near us and doing school in the morning. Those are the times I think, “Lord. Thank you. Thank you for calling us to this. You’ve been sweet to us.”
I’m becoming passionate about foster care. Not the system. It’s broken and yuck. But I’m passionate about standing in the gap and being used where we are. I’m passionate about seeing my kids serve and love. Seeing our home become an embassy for Him. Praying over all the workers in and out of our home. Humbly softening my heart toward commenters at Target and sharing the need and why we are doing this.
This is our mission field.


I heart running outside. Thankfully, my stroller is mighty and can kinda seat four. I can’t go super fast with the two sitting on the front, but really, I can’t go fast anyway. It’s enough to get out in the sunshine, break a sweat and eavesdrop on little conversations. Then sneak out later after the husband’s home to pound the pavement for real.


This man. I came home from a little mama time to find him like this. A sleeping baby on his back, filling the new beds he’d built for our garden this year. We moved the chickens into the old beds, so we are hoping these new beds give us a bounty ‘o veggies.


Middleton Plantation is just a little bit dreamy. This was Easter weekend. We went for their annual Egg Hunt and once again, left saying we’d never miss it! It was a perfect day with both sets of grandparents joining us.


I turned 30. Gross. There really is something about 30 that makes it feel like such a huge deal. The 20s sound so cute and fun. There’s something about saying I’m 30 that makes me feel as though I should be super sophisticated and put together. But then, I remember that that’s no fun and I’m thankful for friends whonlove me just as I am! We celebrated all week in different ways and it certainly took the sting out of getting older. For the first time in my life I was actually surprised for my birthday too. A cooking class at Coastal Cupboard, one of my favorite things…with some of my favorite people. It doesn’t get much better!



Everyone on the planet should read this book. Here’s why…aren’t you a little tired of reading a book that hits your heart, ignites your passion for something, but leaves you with no tangible ways to act? Am I right? Not so with this one. Each chapter finishes with action steps. Some are huge, like life changing huge. Others are small but bound to make an impact. I was sold when I read the cover. That’s my passion, y’all. Orphan care isn’t just adoption. While I love adoption and think it’s pretty much the most visible picture of Jesus there is, a lot of us aren’t called to adopt (Holla!). But we are all called to do something. Really. It’s in the Bible. (Isaiah 1:17 and James 1:27 to name the first two I could reference) This book will equip us, the church. If you’re local and wanna join in on a little book club fun, let me know! It’s a book that begs to be discussed.

That’s all I’ve got.  I’m off to fold laundry. Have a good week friends! 

xo Hillary

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  1. Deb

    This here is a beautiful blog and you are a beautiful person.

  2. Joanna

    Love this post. Love your heart. Love doing life alongside y’all. Your 30′s are already better than your 20′a. Cannot wait to see how God continues to use you!! Xoxox


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