A Peek at our Week(s).


Motherhood and family life…the days are long but the weeks are short, right??
I’m linking up with Carissa today to share some randomness from our recent days to kick off the week.

1. This book. I so appreciated the suggestions from friends to read it. I love a book that I can just dive in to. The book is fictional, the main character a girl that’s spent her life in foster care. I loved the personal face that the book gave to attachment issues and also found the world of floral meanings just fascinating. I was back and forth between not wanting to put it down, yet not wanting it to end too soon!


2. My baby is 5. Here’s a little wisdom I’ve got to share. When it’s your precious’s birthday, with only an hour to go before his much anticipated pirate party, don’t decide to give his beautiful wavy curls a quick trim. Especially if you’re off your A game. A few misguided snips and we ended up having to shave the whole mess off his head. I was traumatized, he thinks it looks awesome, and his sister keeps looking at him and proclaiming, “Brooks is a BOY!?”. I guess it was time. Here’s our party boy, new haircut and all, waiting for his treasure hunt to start.  20130203-145546.jpg

3. Wanna know what was so stinkin’ fun?! The Chosen conference. It’s kinda my once a year happy place. I love a church that goes all out to pluck women from their day to day and strongly remind them that they’re chosen, daughters of the king.
I loved sharing The Little Mist Shop with the ladies at the conference and sold so many more scripture bracelets than I ever imagined! I’m praying that all the women that chose a bracelet will be reminded of it’s scriptural meaning every time it catches their eye throughout the day. I love to think of women being encouraged and held accountable, while lookin’ pretty too! Keep an eye out for some coming changes to the shop. New designs and more, coming soon!


4. RSV is sucktastic. Our sweet “Baby O” is sick and it’s just not right. Sure, the mask for his breathing treatments looks all cute with the animal design on it, but when his big beautiful eyes peek out from behind it, looking sick and sad, it’s just too much. 

5. Have y’all figured out your Archetype? It’s really fun. I felt like a teenager again, filling out personality quizzes from my teeny bopper mags. Only this was far more legit, I’m quite sure. Below is my cutie 5 year old’s archetype. He loved it that he’s mostly athlete. That’s his thing these days. I loved it that he scored caregiver, I’ve seen that coming out in him recently. The king part? He’s acted like that since birth. 20130203-151135.jpg

6. So, Vine is crazy fun. It’s like Instagram, only for quick video clips. It’s a tiny bit weird and maybe the videos make me dizzy, but the kids love it. Y’all come find me. My boy posted a seriously cheesy, funny joke the other day that everyone needs in their life.


7. So we love LOVE around here. To me, Valentine’s is a reminder of our call to love others as He’s loved us. We really enjoyed making Valentines for His Radio’s Hearts for Kids. Families are asked to make a Valentine for a child in the hospital to spread cheer and love. We found it was the perfect way to love others. Details can be found here if your sweet family would like to join in! But hurry, they’re due soon!


8. Have a good week, gangsters. Let’s make it amazing.

xo Hillary

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  1. carissa

    happy belated to your handsome boy. what are we going to do about our guys growing up?? i need a support club. it’s too bittersweet. and i have to read that book. i love some good meaningful fiction. and, i’m sorry about baby boy. praying he’s well soon.


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